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Government plans to improve anti-doping measures in Latvia

Photo: pixabay.com.
During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, a legislative draft developed by Healthcare Ministry on adding changes to the Sports Law for the improvement the country’s anti-doping measures was approved.

Last year, ministers discussed a report that detailed the situation with anti-doping measures and possible changes.

The report mentioned the problems uncovered by World Anti-Doping Agency, including insufficient autonomy of state anti-doping organizations. Amendments to the Sports Law will help resolve the situation with independence of anti-doping organizations – by forming Latvia’s Anti-Doping Bureau as an institution under the authority of the country’s healthcare minister.

Amendments also provide for the formation of Latvia’s National Anti-Doping Council, which will function as an advisory institution to help resolve matters associated with anti-doping matters. In accordance with amendments, the government will also form Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee that will review violations and carry out penalties in accordance with anti-doping conventions.


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