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Producer: many young people come to work in the film industry

Jānis Kalējs/kviff.com.
Latvia’s film industry has been steadily growing these past several years, and it is especially gratifying that many young people are coming to work in the industry, says director and producer, representative of Film Angels Productions Jānis Kalējs.

At the same time, he mentions that formation of the industry has begun thanks to the state.

The producer also mentions that Film Angels Production has begun providing production services by attracting foreign film crews to the filming process in Latvia.

According to Kalējs, there are many people working at the company, and to help them keep their jobs, it is necessary to ensure a steady supply of orders. This is why the company is engaged in nearly all kinds of film directions, which is an unusual approach.

«In countries like Germany and France, companies have their specialisations – some work in advertisements and others in film. But in small European countries, including Baltics and Scandinavia, producer centres have to work with everything. Our foreign colleagues often ask us: ‘If you’re doing everything, then you must have an enormous concern?’ But the truth is that we are forced to do it so that people can keep their jobs and earn money,» says Kalējs.

«On the other hand, there are many different benefits,» he adds. Participation in different projects helps develop the film industry, and raise qualification of participating specialists. The lack of a ‘dry season’ means they work all the time in the film industry without having to turn to smaller projects to make a living, Kalējs added.

«Many young people want to work in the film industry. They know there is work here – that this industry exists.»

«If you start a career here, you can expect very interesting results. I am very happy to see youngsters come to us. And the state helps out – an additional amount of EUR 1.5 million was allocated for the film industry this year. As a participant of the process, I can see development happening,» Kalējs concluded.


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