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Minister: there is a high tolerance level towards domestic violence in Latvia

Janis Reirs/flickr.com.
«Unfortunately, there is still a high level of tolerance towards domestic violence. Often people do not know how to act in such situations. This is why systematic and regular work with society, explaining to them that gender equality and co-responsibility is important,» says Latvian Welfare Minister Jānis Reirs.

On 25 November, which is celebrated around the world as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a sixteen-day cycle of seminars against domestic violence was launched. It is during this period that state, international and NGOs organize discussions about human rights and violence problems, as reported by Welfare Ministry.

Reirs emphasizes that it is important to emphasize that any kind of violence is a violation of human rights. This creates negative consequences for victims and other people.

To point attention towards the problem of violence against women and domestic violence, Welfare Ministry in cooperation with Interior Affairs Ministry, State Police, Nordic Council of Ministers, the Finnish Embassy, ​​the Norwegian Embassy, ​​the Swedish Embassy and Marta Centre organize an international conference. It will take place at the Interior Affairs Ministry on Thursday, 30 November.

During this conference, experts from Latvia and other countries will exchange experience dealing with domestic violence to search for effective solutions and international cooperation, the ministry explains.


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