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One of the all time favourite composers in Latvia

 Maestro Raimonds Pauls is not only the most famous composer in Latvia, but also the most popular Latvian composer in the world. He is an outstanding melody maker and an accomplished musician. Many of his melodies are as ingrained as folk songs, and his albums are classics that stand the test of time.
His music is close to every Latvian, and he has gained notoriety beyond Latvia's borders as many of his albums have had international releases.
Since Pauls to this day continues his successful co-operation with Latvia’s new musical talents, he is still performing in concert and constantly writing new material. He simply seems to never get enough of music or lose his faith in it.
Musical works:
Five television shows (1972-1975), seven musicals (huge acclaim for Sister Carrie (1978), Join the Guys (1982), Wild Swans (1995) and Legend About Green Lady (2000)), music for three ballets and more than 50 movies and theatre productions. He has gained fame and devotion from his fans with more than 600 melodic pop-songs, including about 150 songs for children. His songs are performed by such popular Latvian and Russian artists Alla Pugachova, Valery Leontyev, Laima Vaikule, Igo, and others.
One of his most popular songs, entitled “Million Roses”, has been released also in such countries as Finland, Korea and Japan.
Source: www.kultura.lv

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