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Conexus Baltic Grid gas storage tariff may increase 38%

The gas storage tariff of Conexus Baltic Grid may increase by 38% in the foreseeable future. This is provided by the new tariff project submitted for review to the Public Utilities Commission.

The current tariff is in force now – 1.504 EUR/MWh (without VAT) for the duration of the pumping season until its very end. The project provides that the new tariff will be set at 2.08 EUR/MWh (without VAT).

The natural gas storage tariff project was calculated in accordance with gas storage tariff calculation methodology.

The proposed tariff plan may come into force 1 April 2018.

The company, tariff changes are associated with changed to the Energy Law. Latvia has a duty to comply with regulation set by the European Parliament and European Council in relation to provision of access to nature gas reserves and transmission systems.

Conexus Baltic Grid’s developed tariff plan will apply to all clients of Inčukalns underground gas storage facility.


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