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Latvian logging industry expects slight turnover and export volume increase

Latvian timber producers expect an increase in turnover and export volumes in 2017, says CEO of Latvian Wood Industry Federation Kristaps Klauss.

«There is a possibility of a slight export and turnover growth this year,» said Klauss, adding that this increase may be about 2%. Because there is a month left until the end of the year, it is too soon to speculate on any specific amount.

He says that planned and careful development is currently being performed in nearly all fields in the logging industry. For example – many innovative solutions have been introduced for the preparation of saplings. The situation is slightly worse with logging services, because there are many obstacles preventing companies receive adequate pay for their work. This only slows the process of modernization of forest machineries.

Klauss also admits that raw material availability remains a problem. «The situation with roundwood availability is critical this year. I cannot remember another instance of such poor conditions in the past decade. The loss of Belarusian sawdust is also felt quite clearly.»

At the same time, he adds that the situation in export markets is considered positive. «Demand for saw wood increases, and there are indications of price rise as well. Demand is also on a rise for slabs and granules. While previous years were stressful for granule producers because of lack of demand, this year it is far more important to find ways to complete signed orders,» said the CEO of Latvian Wood Industry Federation.

The federation was founded in August 2000, uniting forestry companies in order to increase development and competitiveness of forestry, wood working and furniture production sectors in Latvia. Its goal is improving cooperation between Latvia’s forestry sector and institutions to for sustainable and stable economic environment.


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