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Association: Latvian camp-sites are all full this summer

Because of especially hot summer this year, demand for Latvian camp-sites has increased and all leisure sites are full, says Latvian Camping Association President Linda Bēce.

The camping seasons, which is usually restricted to July and August, continues in Latvia. Estimates in regard to the number of serviced guests will be made available this autumn.

Bēce explains the rise in demand for camping services with the fact that they are often used by small groups of travellers. Nowadays, however, individual tourism is in high demand.

There are three types of camp-sites available in Latvia – ‘camp-sites’ in the city centres (Riga and Ventspils). These are often used by foreigners who travel to Latvia on their own.

The second type of camp-sites are located along popular tourist routes – near Gauja National Park, Sigulda, Rundale and other notable locations in Latvia. 70% of guests of these camp-sites are foreigners.

The third type of camp-sites in Latvia are located near lakes, rivers and woods.80% of guests there are local residents and their families.

According to Bēce, in order for cam-sites to survive and be able to make money during short tourist seasons, it would be a good idea for owners to expand their businesses with guest houses and other leisure opportunities.

As reported, Latvian Camping Association is currently busy developing camping quality criteria that can be applied to all Latvian tourist sites.

Unlike other countries, Latvia does not have quality certificates for camping sites. With that, it is possible to call any location an official camp-site by anyone.

It is planned that certification could come into force starting with next year.

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