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Japanese travel operators arrive in Latvia to discuss cooperation opportunities

Japan tourists in Riga
At the Foreign Ministry on Monday, diplomat Peteris Vaivars, the current deputy state secretary at the ministry and the former ambassador of Latvia in Japan, opened a special workshop and matchmaking event for Japanese travel operators and representatives of tourism sectors in Latvia, the ministry informed.

In his address, Vaivars was pleased to admit that the number of Japanese tourists in Latvia has been increasing over the past five years, reaching approximately 12,000 tourists last year, thus allowing Latvia to be confident about the increase in the number of Japanese tourists in the future as well.

Within the workshop the guests from Japan were acquainted with Riga's European Capital of Culture program for 2014.

Meanwhile, the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators acquainted the guests to the professional activities of the association. The guests from Japan were also acquainted with tourism opportunities in certain regions of Latvia - Kurzeme and Latgale, particularly highlighting one of the most significant locations of Latvian culture tourism - the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center.

During the event Japanese travel operators and the leading representatives of the Latvian tourism sector had a chance to exchange contact information and to discuss possible cooperation.

Ten Japanese travel operators were invited by the Latvian Tourism Development Agency to travel around Latvia for a couple of days and to meet Latvian tourism service providers.

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