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"The Guardian" reviews best hotels in Riga and Baltics

Hotel in Riga
British newspaper "The Guardian" has printed several articles praising the most stylish hotels in Riga, the European Capital of Culture this year, and other Baltic cities.

The newspaper also presents a list of ten best hotels in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In Latvia, "The Guardian" has singled out "Hotel Bergs" and "Old City Hotel" in Riga, "Fontaine Design Hotel" in Liepaja, and Mezotne Palace.

The newspaper writes about several offbeat quarters in Riga, noting that the most captivating places in the city lie outside the beaten tourist track, recommending the readers to visit the "Miera Street Republic" with its cozy and quiet atmosphere, Spikeri Quarter that includes the contemporary art center "Kim", concert hall and restaurants, as well as Kalnciems Quarter and Kanepe Culture Center.


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