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Popular world travel blogger planning on returning to Latvia in July

After visiting Latvia earlier this month, the well-known world travel blogger Lesley Carter plans on returning to Latvia for another trip in July, Anna Blaua from the Riga Tourism Development Bureau informed the business information portal ''Nozare.lv''.

In her blog - "www.lesleycarter.wordpress.com", Carter said that her visit to Riga and Latvia left a great impression on her, and that she wishes to return with her family in the summer.

During her visit to Latvia, Carter visited Riga, Rundale Palace, Jurmala and Sigulda, where she took a ride down the bobsleigh track.

Carter visited Latvia from March 14 to 22, and her blog has received 27 million visits from all over the world.

Her blog has also been named on of the world Top 10 tourism blogs.


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