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"airBaltic" to launch new Riga - Palma de Mallorca route

RIGA, Jan 23 - Latvian national airline "airBaltic" will launch a new route between Riga and Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on June 1, 2014, the airline informed "Nozare.lv".

The new route will offer convenient connections between the two cities and beyond to destinations in the Baltic region, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of "airBaltic", commented: "Our customer is in focus, when deciding new routes for the summer, and adjusting the existing routes to best meet the demand. Our customers appreciate warm-weather holidays in the Mediterranean climate, as we have seen strong interest in our offer a year ago."

"For the upcoming summer season we will discontinue our Riga-Heviz Balaton route, recording somewhat weaker demand; this move makes aircraft capacity available for the Riga-Palma de Mallorca service for our customers travelling between the two cities and onwards to destinations such as St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Vilnius, Tallinn."

"airBaltic" will fly from Riga to Palma de Mallorca once a week on Sundays. Passengers will board a "Boeing 737" aircraft for a flight that will last 3 hours 40 minutes. One-way ticket prices will start at EUR 99, including airport fees and transaction costs. A full schedule of "airBaltic" flights can be found on the company's homepage at "www.airBaltic.com".

"airBaltic" serves 60 destinations from its home base at Riga, Latvia. From every one of these, the airline offers convenient connections via Riga to its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East.
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