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Latvia once again included in world's ''Top 10'' ethical tourism destinations

Photo: LETA.
RIGA, Dec 4 (LETA) - Latvia has once again been included in the world's ''Top 10'' ethical tourism destinations for 2014 by the ethical tourism agency/travel web-site ''Ethical Traveler''.

Every year ''Ethical Traveler'' conducts a study of developing nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, to identify the world’s best travel and tourism destinations. The survey focuses on three general categories: environmental protection, social welfare and human rights - all while creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry.

Included in the ''Top 10'' was the Bahamas, Barbados, Cape Verde, Chile, Dominica, Mauritius, Palau and Uruguay.

Lithuania was included in the ''Top 10'' as well.

Both Latvia and Lithuania received top marks in environmental protection.

''Ethical Traveler'' also pointed out to the strong eco-tourism culture in Latvia, as well as the country's unspoiled nature.

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