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Riga listed among top 10 cities to explore in 2013

 RIGA, Feb 22 - British travel insurer "Protect Your Bubble" has listed Riga among top 10 tourist destinations to explore in 2013, calling the Latvian capital "the gem of the Baltics".
When looking to get away it is easy to fall into the same routine and head for the same destination year on year. But variety is the spice of life so why not venture out and explore a bit more, writes "Protect Your Bubble", listing ten great places to check out on holiday in 2013.

"Protect Your Bubble" also mentions Riga - "known as the gem of the Baltics, this Latvian city has old world architecture and a populace that is friendly". "The world renown Dome Cathedral is well worth a visit," writes the insurer.

Riga is the only Eastern European city on the list and one of the few European cities.

"Protect Your Bubble" also recommends visiting Venice, Barcelona, the Irish coastal city of Galway, Washington D.C., the U.S. city of Laguna Beach, Athens in the State of Georgia (the U.S.), Jamaica's second largest city Negril and the Brazilian city of Recife.
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