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Survey:65% of Latvian travellers avoid regions at risk of terrorist attacks

The majority or 65% of Latvian respondents mentioned that whenever they make travel arrangements, they try to avoid regions in which there is a high probability of terrorist attacks or natural catastrophes, according to the latest Latvia Tours Travel Index.

22% of respondents said that kind of information does not affect their travel plans, adding that problems like that do not apply to them. Only 13% of respondents mentioned it is hard to say if problems like than can affect their plans.

A look at responses from men and women reveals that women are worried about the possibility of terrorist attacks and natural disasters more than men. 72% of women and 58% of men said those problems affect their travel plans. A look at age difference shows that respondents aged 15-45 (73%) are worried about those problems the most. Residents aged 64-74 (50%) are worried about those problems the least.

«It is completely understandable for people to worry about matters associated with personal security threats. This is why tourism operators offer insurance for their clients. Popular accommodation locations also offer additional security to make it safer,» comments Latvia Tours Director Ieva Keiša.

She also says that even though situations in different parts of the world can change at any moment, it is not always possible to drop the dream about travelling. «What we can do is carefully follow information and offer reliable security services,» says the director of the travel agency.

When travelling, residents are advised to keep in mind recommendations from the Foreign Affairs Ministry – tourists that travel to regions ripe with unrest are asked to avoid attending events that gather a lot of people, especially if it includes processions or public marches of any kind.

Most often concerns about visiting regions impacted by unrest are voiced by respondents whose income is high (EUR 570 per family member) or medium high (EUR 360-499 per family member) – an average of 70% of residents in this income category said they are worried about this.

Only half of residents with low income (EUR 199 and less per family member) said they are worried about visiting unsafe regions. This could be related to people’s ability to afford travel, which motivates them to think carefully about security risks.

1,003 residents aged 18 to 74 from all over Latvia took part in the survey, which was organized in September 2017. Latvia Tours Travel Index compiles information about the mood of Latvian residents, their opinions and attitude towards different questions associated with travel. The survey is organized with help from SKDS.


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