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Latvia Tours concluded 2016 with turnover of EUR 18 million

Photo: travel.lv.
Outgoing tourism was the priority turnover creation engine. It was EUR 15 million last year. Ingoing tourism secured turnover of EUR 1.8 million, according to data from Latvia Tours for 2016.

Latvia Tours celebrated its 25th jubilee at Latvian National Library with a festive event. Financial data and goals for the company’s future were presented during the festive event. A cooperation memorandum with Latvia’s SOS Children’s Villages was also signed, as reported by the company’s representative.

Latvia Tours presented financial indexes for the past several years. Latest data shows that Latvia Tours agency concluded 2016 with turnover of EUR 18 million. Over the course of the past five years, the company’s total turnover has grown by EUR 2 million, as reported by the company’s representative.

«We have worked actively this past year to develop new service groups and brands. In 2017, we plan to perform technological development and improve corporate customer service. This includes the promotion of Club Med concept. In regards to new destinations, cities like Kazan, Madrid and Odessa are among the top priority destinations,» notes Latvia Tours Traveltech project manager Janis Kolomenskis.

Outgoing tourism was the main turnover-generating engine. It had helped generate EUR 15 million in turnover funds last year. Ingoing tourism, on the other hand, had generated turnover of EUR 1.8 million. Turnover of the conference department had grown by 7% last year. In 2006, a single travel consultant of the outgoing tourism office had secured turnover of EUR 470,000. In 2016, this amount had grown to reach EUR 650,000, as reported by Latvia Tours project representative.

Favourite destinations of Latvian residents have not changed at all over the past several years. While at the beginning of the ‘90s the most popular destinations included Taiwan and Cyprus, Turkey became the most popular destination in the mid-90s. In 2016, Brussels, London, Scandinavian countries and Moscow made their way to the top of the list. The range of destinations also stretched out beyond Europe’s borders: more and more travellers choose to visit Asian countries – Japan, China and South Korea.

In addition, a cooperation memorandum between Latvia Tours and SOS Children’s Villages Association was signed during festivities. In this memorandum, Latvia Tours commits to supporting the association to help raise children in a friendly and beneficial environment.


«One of the goals of our association is creating an environment for children that would be as close as possible to a real family. Latvia Tours plans to organize multiple excursions for children to some of Latvia’s most beautiful locations. I think it will be a very positive adventure for families, because we often think about travelling some place far away without considering visiting some of Latvia’s beautiful sights,» says Ilze Paleja, Director of SOS Children’s Village Association.


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