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Aegean Airlines to conduct flights from Riga to Athens

Greece’s largest airline and member of Star Alliance – Aegean Airlines – plans to open a new route this summer season – from Riga to Athens.

By carrying out flights from Riga to Athens on weekends throughout 26 June – 25 September, the airline will provide passengers direct flights to the Greek capital and farther away destinations in the country. In addition to domestic connections, the Riga-Athens route will allow passengers to travel further to Greece’s neighbouring states in Balkans, Turkey and cities in the Middle East, as reported by Riga airport.

Flights will be provided by Airbus A320 aircraft, offering business and economic class services, including free meals and drinks.

Business class passengers and owners of Star Alliance carts will be able to use Riga Airport’s Business Hall services.

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. Its earliest mentions are found as far back as 3,400 years ago. In the time of Ancient Greece, Athens was known as the centre of art, education and philosophy. It is also known as the cradle for the western civilization and democracy.

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