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Number of Russian tourists tripled in Latvia during Christmas

During winter holidays, from Christmas to the beginning of January, Riga’s tourist information centres were visited by 20% more tourists than last year.

The majority of tourists came from Russia, Germany and Baltic States, according to information compiled by Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

«Compared with the previous year, we have seen much more interest from tourists during this year’s festivities. What is interesting is that tourists from Russia made up 20% of all tourists prior to Christmas. In the first couple of days of January, their numbers tripled in Latvia. Germans form 13% of all tourists that came to Latvia during Christmas,» – adds the manager of Riga Tourism Information Centres Zane Kursite.

Foreign tourists most often participated in excursions around the city. They also visited popular tourist attractions and events in the Latvian capital.

The largest amount of activity was noted at the tourist information centre located at Dome Square. The largest increase in tourist visits was noted at the tourist information centre located on Kalku Street (+25%). Information regarding Riga’s tourist attractions is provided by information centres located at the Dome Squqre, Liv Square and Riga International Bus Station. All centres offer consultations and booklets.

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