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43% of Latvian residents spend an average of EUR 750 on travels

43% of Latvian residents are prepared to spend EUR 500 to up to EUR 1,000 on travel per person. 45% are prepared to spend less than EUR 500 and 10% – up to EUR 1,000-2,000 for a good time abroad. This is concluded in the recent survey carried out by Jēkaba Ceļojumi tourism bureau and Turkish Airlines.

According to results of the survey, 36% of respondents travel abroad less than once a year, 33% of respondents say they travel abroad once a year. 18% and 13% of Latvian respondents said they travel twice a year and even more often than that.

«The current economic situation has stabilized in the country. With that, people have started travelling more often. Results of the survey demonstrate that the majority of people prefer to travel around Europe. Residents’ interest toward travelling outside of Europe is also on a rise. Demand has increased for destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos,» – says Chairman of Jēkaba Ceļojumi Uldis Alksnis.

Data from the survey also shows that one of the main reasons why Latvian travel is learning more about traditions and culture of specific countries. This is confirmed by 51% of respondents. 18% give preference to simply enjoying themselves while lying on a sunny beach, 14% prefer adventurous tourism and 9% – active leisure (surfing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.) or spending a weekend in one of Europe’s large cities.

71% of respondents admit they often travel with family, 20% – with friends, 7% in groups with other tourists and 3% – alone. 65% of respondents also admit they would like to visit European countries in 2015. 11% admit they wish to visit Asia.
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