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SAS airline returns to Latvia after nearly seven years of absence

Scandinavian Airlines returns to Latvia. The return begins with establishment of direct flight connectivity between Riga and Stockholm. SAS plans to provide up to 18 flights per week between these two destinations.

Starting with March 29th, flights will depart from Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 08:25; 16:00 and 19:35 (local time) on their way to Riga. Flights from Riga to Stockholm will depart at 06:55; 11:00 and 18:45 (local time). Tickets are already available for purchase, as reported by SAS.

SAS returns to Latvia after nearly seven years of absence. «Sweden has been one of Latvia’s main cooperation partners for several years now. It is also the country’s main investor. This has only increased travel intensity between the two countries. Considering all this, and the fact that Latvia’s economy currently demonstrates signs of stable recovery, SAS has decided to answer the needs of clients by opening flight connectivity between Riga and Stockholm,» – says SAS Regional Manager in Baltic States Ruta Juciene.

According to Juciene, Latvia’s economic growth is not the only argument in favour of opening a new route. One other reason behind SAS’ decision to return to Latvia is the country’s presidency over the EU council in the first half of 2015. This is expected to affect demand in travel destinations.

SAS was founded in 1946, and remains one of the oldest and largest airlines in Europe. A member of Star Alliance, along with 27 partners, SAS offers flight connectivity with 1,300 destinations in 193 countries of the world. 

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