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Opening game of Olympic qualification tournament will be very important - coach Nolan

Ted Nolan.
 RIGA, Feb 5 - In a discussion with LETA, the head coach of the Latvian national men's ice hockey team Ted Nolan said that the opening game against Great Britain in the upcoming Olympic qualification tournament will be very important.

After the first team practice yesterday, Nolan said he was optimistic about Latvia's chances, emphasizing the opening game against Great Britain will be very important.
''All of our games will be very tough. There is no easy opponent in this tournament. Our opening game against Great Britain will be very important,'' Nolan said. ''We must go step-by-step, and concentrate only on Great Britain in our opening game.''

As reported this past weekend, legendary Latvian defenseman Sandis Ozolins has decided to return to the national team after a seven-year absence. Nolan said he was very happy to hear this news, and emphasized the importance of Ozolins in lifting the mood of the team.

''I have always said that we need to convince Ozolins to return, just like I believe Arturs Irbe must be added to the coaching staff. This team is very important to Latvians, and we need to play with passion. With Irbe and Ozolins, we have achieved this,'' the head coach said, commenting the additions of two of Latvia's most legendary players to the national team.

''Each team needs a leader. Ozolins is capable of being our leader. Furthermore, the addition of Irbe to the coaching staff is also very important. At the moment, he is just an advisor, without a specific job description,'' Nolan said.

As reported, Latvia will play in the Sochi Olympic Games qualification tournament at "Arena Riga" February 7-10, where it will take on France, Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Only the winner will qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Latvia will kick off the tournament on Thursday against Great Britain.
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