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Latvia submits bid to organize 2013 European U-18 Men's Basketball Championships

Photo: Robertas Dackus, www.fibaeuropa.com.
 RIGA, Nov 13 - Latvia has submitted a bid to the International Basketball Federation's Europe Division (FIBA Europe) to organize the 2013 European U-18 Men's Basketball Championships, the Latvian Basketball Association informs.
The 2013 youth competitions will be selected on November 17 during a FIBA Europe board meeting in Slovenia.
According to the bid, the preliminary and qualification rounds will be played in Liepaja (southwestern Latvia) and another Latvian city, while the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will be played in Riga.
According to unofficial information, Serbia has also submitted a bid to organize the U-18 men's tournament in 2013.
Last year, Latvia co-hosted the 2012 European U-18 Men's Basketball Championships together with Lithuania.
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