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Nizivijs joins Prague "Lev" until the end of the season

Aleksandrs Nizivijs.
 PRAGUE, Jan 12 - Latvian ice hockey club Riga "Dinamo" forward Aleksandrs Nizivijs will be playing for Prague "Lev" until the end of the season, joining another Latvian playing for the Czech club, Martins Cipulis, according to "Dinamo" website.
The 36-year-old forward has played all four Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) seasons for Riga "Dinamo". In the 33 games this KHL season, Nizivijs had one goal and 14 assists. He has played in a total of 247 games for "Dinamo", scoring 43 goals and dishing out 93 assists.
Nizivijs was also a key player on the Latvian national hockey team from 1995 to 2011, participating in 15 world championships and three Olympic Games.
At the moment, Lev" is in seventh place in the KHL Western Conference with 60 points from 41 games, whereas "Dinamo" is in 12th place with 45 points from 42 games.
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