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Daugavins makes his debut with ''Bruins'' in win over ''Devils''

Kaspars Daugavins. Photo: LETA.
 BOSTON, April 5 - On Thursday, Latvian forward Kaspars Daugavins made his debut with the NHL's Boston ''Bruins'', helping his new team defeat the New Jersey ''Devils'' 1:0.
Legendary Czech forward Jaromir Jagr, who also made his debut with the ''Bruins'' after a recent trade, scored the only goal or the game.

Daugavins was on the ice for nine minutes, took two shots on goal and ended the game with a neutral efficiency rating.

As reported, last week, the ''Bruins'' picked up Daugavins off waivers. Daugavins was put on waivers by the Ottawa ''Senators''. The Latvian forward will play for the ''Bruins'' until the end of the season, after which he will become an unrestricted free-agent.

Daugavins has played in 19 games for the ''Senators'' this season, scoring one goal and making two assists.

In the NHL's Eastern Conference standings at the moment, the ''Bruins'' are in fourth place with 52 points from 36 matches.

Daugavins played for Latvian ice hockey club Riga ''Dinamo'' during the NHL lock-out this season.

The shortened NHL season will have each team playing a total of 48 regular season games.
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