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Riga "Dinamo" loses to Khanty-Mansijsk "Yugra"

Photo: dinamoriga.eu.
In Kontinental Ice Hockey League (KHL) action on Wednesday, Latvian ice hockey club Riga ''Dinamo'' lost to Russian ice hockey club Khanty-Mansijsk "Yugra" - 1:2 (0:0, 1:2, 0:0).

Lauris Darzins scored the goal for ''Dinamo'', while Andrey Ankudinov and Andrey Alekseev scored two goals for Khanty-Mansijsk "Yugra" .

The Latvian club will play its next Kontinental Ice Hockey League (KHL) match at Russian ice hockey club Ekaterinburg "Avtomobilist" on February, 3.


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