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Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.
Franklin Pierce Jones
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Excerption: Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.
Benjamin Franklin
It is only the poor who pay cash, and that not from virtue, but because they are refused credit.
Anatole France
Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Henry Ford
I hate war: it ruins conversation.
Bernard de Fontenelle
The better a work is, the more it attracts criticism; it is like the fleas who rush to jump on white linens.
Gustave Flaubert
Most men like in women what is most opposite their own characters.
Henry Fielding
A different language is a different vision of life.
Federico Fellini
Apparently men can be cured of drugs, drink, gambling, biting his nails and picking his nose, but not of marrying.
William Faulkner
It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
We must be afraid of neither poverty nor exile nor imprisonment; of fear itself only should we be afraid.