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The people must fight for their laws as for their walls.
Russian version
Excerption: There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
Jerome K. Jerome
Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson
Marriage is the torment of one, the felicity of two, the strife and enmity of three.
Washington Irving
The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone.
Henrik Ibsen
No social stability without individual stability.
Aldous Huxley
To reform a man, you must begin with his grandmother.
Victor Hugo
Delicacy of taste has the same effect as delicacy of passion; it enlarges the sphere both of our happiness and our misery.
David Hume
He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.
Elbert Hubbard
Some folks can look so busy doing nothing that they seem indispensable.
Kin Hubbard
Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
Napoleon Hill