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PM avoids issuing clear support to Minister Kilis

Robert Kilis and Valdis Dombrovskis. Photo: Edijs Palens/LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 17 - In an interview on last night's Latvian Television nightly newscast ''Panorama'', Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) avoiding issuing his clear support to Education and Science Minister Roberts Kilis, whose resignation is being demanded by several higher education establishments in Latvia.
The prime minister pointed out that it is important to present a reform plan in this situation, because this is the reason some higher education establishments are showing resistance to Kilis' activities. Dombrovskis added that a coalition task-force has been created, which is working on an education reform plan, which will be based on specific steps.
At the same time, he pointed out that the minister has also been having communication problems with his sector. The prime minister avoided expressing his clear support to the education minister, saying that he cannot release Kilis from his dialogue with the education sector.
Dombrovskis also added that nobody is doubting the necessity of the reforms within higher education.
After being asked several times, Dombrovskis did finally admit that ''overall, these step are in the right direction'', but added that he must see the reform plan before he could give his assessment.
As reported, several organizations, including the Latvian Rectors' Council and the Council of the Association of Latvian Students, as well as several higher education establishments, have demanded Kilis' resignation.
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