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170,000 people participated in this year's Big Cleanup in Latvia

Approximately 175,000 residents have participated in this year’s Big Cleanup event in Latvia. In 40% of all official locations, residents performed not only cleaning duties, clearing the landscape of garbage, but also different landscaping activities.

Latvia was not the only country in the world residents of which gathered to clean up their surrounding environment this week: similar events have been held in Lithuania, Ukraine, Greece and Cyprus.

The largest number of volunteers was noted in Ukraine – 400,000. In Lithuania, the number of volunteers reached 250,000. Cyprus reports 9,500 participants. One week prior, a similar in event in the Czech Republic had gathered 30,000 volunteers.

The head of Big Cleanup Vita Jaunzeme says: «I would like to thank everyone who helped out this Saturday to make this year’s Big Cleanup a success. I hope this tradition will continue in our daily habits as well».

She invites everyone to find the spirit of competition and try to exceed Lithuania in terms of activity next year. «The more people get involved the more likely we are to achieve our goal – to make Latvia the greenest and cleanest country in the world!» – said Jaunzeme.

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