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German news agency recognizes Riga's right to world's first Christmas tree

Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 BERLIN, Dec 21 - German news agency DAPD provides an insight into the history of Christmas traditions, recognizing Riga as the birthplace of the world's first Christmas tree.
The agency does not mention Riga's main rival for the honor - Tallinn.
DAPD points out that the history of the Christmas tree remains a mystery to many and is rather surprising. The first decorated Christmas tree was set up by German merchants in Riga in 1510.
After the ceremony, the Christmas tree was set on fire, celebrating the birth of Jesus and urging the return of spring, writes the agency, pointing out that the precise location of the first Christmas tree in Riga is well known.
DAPD explains that Riga was not only an influential trade center, but also a popular place with Christian pilgrims.
When homesick foreigners joined up with Christian pilgrims, Riga became home to Christmas traditions.
The agency urges to remember the merchants of Riga who helped to create one of the most beautiful Christmas symbols.
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