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Olsteins predicts changes in ruling coalition sooner or later

Klavs Olsteins. Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 20 - There will be major changes in the ruling coalition sooner or later, Saeima member Klavs Olsteins from the group of independent MPs told LETA; Olsteins does not rule out that the Reform Paryt will quit the government before or after the local government elections next year.
Olsteins' statement on stability of the ruling coalition follows yesterday's debates in the parliament, where coalition partners exchanged jabs several times.
Yesterday's debate in the parliament will definitely be followed by further discussions between the Reform Party and Unity members, believes Olsteins.
The vote on the Higher Education Council was not the only time when the ruling coalition was not united: the parties' opinions also differed on approving Peteris Putnins as deputy chairman of the Financial and Capital Market Commission and the Reform Party's proposals regarding religious holidays.
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