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Saeima approves NDP 2014-2020

Photo: Ieva Čika.
 RIGA, Dec 20 (LETA) - Saeima approved the National Development Plan for 2014-2020.
The 2014-2020 National Development Plan is the main medium-term development planning document of Latvia, part of the "Latvia 2030" sustainable development strategy.
In the National Development Plan, the government informs the populace of what it intends to achieve by 2020 and what it is expecting from it. The plan is intended to present the government's vision of the country's development in the medium term in order to ensure lasting predictability in various national economy sectors and businesses.
The National Development Plan informs of where government money will go to ensure economic efficiency, increasing productivity and competitiveness of the country, and of how the state will be earning money.
The developers of the plan emphasize that the plan is necessary to identify priorities on the national level, which is important for the work on the state budgets and planning distribution of the available EU funds.
Economic breakthrough is the main emphasis in the plan.
The plan offers three priorities - economic growth, residents' security and territories supporting growth. The pursuit of these priorities is expected to result in an economic breakthrough and, as a result, higher quality of life in Latvia.
Each of the priorities offers key activities, goals, necessary funding amounts and sources, and others.
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