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Police detain another suspect in Olaine stabbings

State Police Riga Region Department Chief Andrej Grishin. Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 18 - The State Police detained another suspect in the Olaine stabbing spree; the previous suspect, a man born in 1975, was not the real stabber, the LNT newscast reported yesterday.
State Police Ints Kuzis could not confirm this information, but pointed out that the police will inform the public about any new developments in the case.
State Police Riga Region Department Chief Andrej Grishin said in an interview on last night's Latvian Television nightly newscast ''Panorama'' that man (born in 1966) detained yesterday evening was also suspected of a number of thefts.
"We are convinced that the current suspect is the one who committed Sunday's crimes," pointed out Grishin.
According to Grisins, the first man that the police arrested on Sunday morning in Olaine is most probably a resident of the town, and he had committed a similar crime a week ago.
The motives of Sunday's stabbings will be established during investigation. However, Grishin did not deny that, at least in one case, a woman had her purse ripped from her hands.
As reported, the six stabbing cases in the Latvian town of Olaine (central Latvia) yesterday evening were most likely mugging attempts, however, the State Police do not rule out mental disturbance on the part of the assailant, even though his name does not appear in any psychiatric records.
The injured remain in hospitals - four in the Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, one in the Eastern Clinical University Hospital, one in the Riga 2nd Hospital.
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