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Olaine stabbings most likely mugging attempts

State Police Riga Region Department Chief Andrej Grishin. Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 17 - The six stabbing cases in the Latvian town of Olaine (central Latvia) yesterday evening were most likely mugging attempts, however, the State Police do not rule out mental disturbance on the part of the assailant, even though his name does not appear in psychiatric records.

A resident of Olaine, born in 1975, has been detained. The man has no previous criminal record, but police had been aware of him for incidents of assault, State Police Riga Region Department Chief Andrej Grisin told reporters during a press conference today.

Grisins informed that all victims were stabbed yesterday evening. The first stabbing occurred at 9.30 p.m., the last one - at midnight. To apprehend the assailant, local police officers called in reinforcements from Riga. Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis (Reform Party) also arrived at the scene, LETA was informed by the minister's adviser Daiga Holma.

The attacker was detained at 6 a.m. this morning.

His victims - two women and four men - are currently in a hospital. Some of them underwent life-saving surgery and hopefully they will recover, the State Police add.

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