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Saeima supports introducing 154,000 signature threshold for initiating referendum procedure

 RIGA, Nov 8 - Saeima approved in the final reading today a 154,000 signature threshold that must be collected for initiating a referendum starting from 2015.
55 Saeima members voted for the bill, 38 voted against it.
The coalition's bill stipulates that, until 2015, initiators of a referendum on dissolving Saeima will have to collect 10,000 signatures during the first stage of referendum initiation procedure. The remaining 144,000 signatures will be collected by the Central Election Commission.
The bill also envisages that, until 2015, initiators of other referendums will have to collect 30,000 signatures in the first stage of referendum initiation procedure. As of 2015, they will have to themselves collect 154,000 signatures.
According to the bill, campaigning will be limited during a referendum.
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