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PBK miffed at court-ordered ban in Lithuania on all of its non-EU programs

RIGA, Oct 14 - In wake of the recent documentary "Man and the Law" on PBK TV, and its appalling slant on the historic events in Vilnius in 1991, and the furor it has caused, a Vilnius court slapped the channel with a three-month ban on certain programming, as the channel and its operating company, "Baltijas Mediju alianses" (BMA), found out today - with chagrin.

The ruling states that PBK cannot air programs made outside the EU, outside the European economic zone and outside those 38 nations that have ratified the EU "Directive on Audiovisual Media Services."

BMA Press Secretary Edzus Vejins pointed out that this means that movies, drama series, documentaries from, for example, the U.S., Australia, etc., have all now been banned. PBK considers this move to be a blatant violation of freedom of speech and fair competition, but - the court ruling is final and cannot be appealed.
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