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Fewer cases of situational corruption

Jaroslavs Strelcenoks. Photo/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 7 - Situational corruption is on the decline in Latvia, replaced by complicated corruption schemes, Corruption Prevention Bureau (CPB) Chief Jaroslavs Strelcenoks said during a press conference.

Strelcenoks pointed out that the number of cases when bribes are given for simple transactions is reducing. Instead, there are more attempts to create barely trackable schemes and conceal assets abroad.

The bureau's data indicate that the number of cases sent to courts has reduced over the past few years. However, the number of persons involved in these cases continues to grow. For example, the CPB sent to courts 22 cases against 29 persons in 2004. In January-November 2012 - nine cases against 51 persons.

Strelcenoks predicted that the so-called "Daimler" affair will be the next case sent to courts, but declined to predicts the exact date.

The CPB launched 28 criminal processes in January-November 2012. The bureau also received four criminal processes from other institutions. Six criminal processes were closed, the launch of 39 criminal processes was postponed.

The CPB currently reviews 40 criminal processes.

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