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Veshnyakov concerned about anti-Russia sentiment increasing ahead of municipal elections

Alexander Veshnyakov. Photo: Edijs Palens/LETA.
RIGA, Dec 7 - Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov is concerned about the anti-Russia sentiment increasing in Latvia ahead of the upcoming municipal elections.

In an interview on Latvian State Radio's Program 4 today, the ambassador added that several candidates, including from Latvia's leading parties, had made unfriendly comments about Russia.

Veshnyakov reiterated that 2012 cannot be considered a successful year in Latvian-Russian relations. Several actions by Latvia, for example, Latvia's accusations during the Russian language referendum, the Security Police's reports on Russia's supposedly secret goals in Latvia and the country's decision to blacklist Russian citizens had a negative impact on Latvian-Russian relations.

Veshnyakov emphasized that, for the first time in three years, the Latvian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission did not convene for a session, partly due to the current political background. The agreement on making it easier to cross borders for frontier area residents has not taken effect, and there has been little progress with the agreement on the status of Latvian ambassador's residence in Moscow and the "Yantarni bereg" resort in Jurmala.

The ambassador also mentioned some positive developments in Latvian-Russian relations - the bilateral agreement on double taxation avoidance is scheduled to take effect in 2013, the growth of Latvian-Russian trade volumes continues, and the sides are working on drafting a cultural program for 2013-2015, also, Riga and Moscow cooperate successfully.

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