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Fierce competition for ISAF cargo from Afghanistan; Latvia has decent chances

 RIGA, Dec 7 - Latvia can achieve that its infrastructure be used for transporting the International Security Assistance Force's cargo from Afghanistan, however, the country must take into consideration that there is fierce competition, participants in the NATO Transport Group's seminar in Riga concluded today.

The Transport Ministry informed "Nozare.lv" that Latvian delegation drew several important conclusions after the seminar. First of all, there is fierce competition for transporting the ISAF cargo - via the Baltic Sea region, the Caspian Sea region/the Black Sea region and the Far East.

Secondly, Latvia has excellent opportunities of diverting considerable amounts of the ISAF cargo through its infrastructure. However, this will depend not only on Latvia, but also on various external conditions, including the consigning and transit countries.

The NATO seminar was held in Riga on December 4-6. Various experts met to analyze potential routes for transporting the ISAF cargo from Afghanistan, dedicating particular attention to the technical aspects and procedural matters in Afghanistan and other involved countries.

The seminar was organized by the Transport Ministry in cooperation with the State Railway Administration, the Defense Ministry, the Riga International Airport and the state-owned joint-stock railroad company "Latvijas Dzelzcels".

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