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Finance minister disapproves of euro adoption referendum

Andris Vilks. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 7 - Finance Minister Andris Vilks (Unity) does not support staging a referendum on the introduction of the euro in Latvia.
It is difficult for residents to evaluate all the aspects of the matter, Vilks said in an interview on Latvian State Radio today.
The minister added that, if Latvia is to hold a referendum on the adoption of the euro, the country should have also voted on its international loan program.
Vilks emphasized that euro adoption benefits, losses, possibilities and risks are already being explained and will continue to be explained to the public. According to the minister, in financial terms it is clear that there are more benefits than losses from the adoption of the euro.
"If a referendum on Latvia's accession to the euro is held, it means that the country is not ready for the eurozone and the matter is being postponed," believes the minister.
He also drew attention to the considerable improvements that the eurozone has achieved over the past few months. Meeting with eurozone colleagues, Vilks is becoming increasingly confident that the eurozone has put the worst behind it.
Vilks also said that Latvian households will feel actual improvements next spring, when wages will be raised for most employees in the public sector.
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