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Number of non-citizens who apply for naturalization is declining

Photo: Vladimir Starkov/ITAR-TASS.
 RIGA, Dec 6 - The number of non-citizens willing to naturalize has decreased in Latvia, as the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) Chief Vilnis Jekabsons said in an interview with the LNT television this morning.
According to OCMA data, fewer non-citizens apply for naturalization due to the rumors that non-citizens could receive citizenship automatically, that there could be two official languages in Latvia and suchlike, said Jekabsons, adding that many non-citizens believed these rumors.
Nevertheless, there still are many non-citizens who become naturalized - mostly young people who need Latvian citizenship in their jobs, added Jekabsons.
As reported, 24.8 percent of non-citizens believe that they have the right to receive Latvian citizenship automatically, according to a survey that the OCMA presented at a meeting of Saeima Social Cohesion Committee yesterday.
LETA also reported, the Central Election Commission decided on November 1 that the second round of signature collection for staging the so-called "non-citizen referendum" would not be organized because the draft bill amending the Citizenship Law was not "formulated fully".
On the other hand, a vast majority of participants in the referendum on granting Russian the status of an official language in Latvia voted against the motion.
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