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Hermann Hesse
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PM catches cold; will not be at work today

Valdis Dombrovskis. Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 5 - Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) has caught a slight cold and will not participate in the events he was supposed to attend today.
To strengthen his health and not to pass his cold on to others, Dombrovskis has decided to stay at home, the prime minister's press secretary Martins Panke informed LETA.
It is currently not clear when the premier could be back at work.
Today, Dombrovskis was scheduled to participate in the "Business Forecasts 2013" conference, an event dedicated to the 94th anniversary of the State Police, meet with President Andris Berzins and take part in the National Security Council's meeting.
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