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Vaskevics' attorneys summoned for questioning in criminal case on offering EUR 3 million for false testimony

Vladimirs Vaskevics. Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 4 - This past November, Corruption Prevention Bureau (CPB) investigators summoned the attorneys for suspended Finance Ministry official Vladimirs Vaskevics to question them about a criminal process that deals with offering a witness EUR 3 million (LVL 2.2 million) for giving a false testimony.
CPB press representative Andris Vitenburgs informed LETA that the criminal process dealt with threats of violence against an individual so a testimony would be altered in favor of a person charged with high crimes.
The CPB has compelling evidence to qualify these actions in accordance with the Criminal Law's Section 301, Part 2, Section 300, Part 2 and Section 15 - threatening with violence to intimidate a witness and attempting to give a false testimony in a criminal case on a high crime.
According to the bureau, there is sufficient evidence to believe that a person was threatened with violence to intimidate and bribe a witness, forcing to refuse a previous testimony and give a false testimony within the interests of the accused.
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