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Icy roads in vicinity of Riga and western Kurzeme this morning

Photo: Edijs Palens/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 3  - Driving conditions are currently difficult on main and regional highways in the vicinity of Riga and western Kurzeme, the roads are icy, as the state-owned road maintenance company "Latvijas Valsts celi" informs.
Difficult driving conditions are being reported from Riga-Ventspils, Riga-Liepaja and Riga-Jelgava highways, as well as regional and local roads.
Driving is also hampered in the vicinity of Ventspils and Liepaja, regional and local roads across Kurzeme, on the Vidzeme Highway's Strenci-Valka section, in the vicinity of Jelgava and Limbazi.
As reported, according to traffic regulations, winter tires are obligatory in Latvia from December 1 to March 1.
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