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Aboltina reelected Unity board chairperson

Solvita Aboltina. Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
RIGA, Dec 2 - During yesterday's Unity party congress, the current party leader and Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina was reelected as board chairperson.
371 out of the 483 delegates participating in the congress voted for Aboltina.
Furthermore, European Parliament Member Sandra Kalniete will continue to chair Unity's council. 
During Unity party congress, Solvita Aboltina said that the party has all the pre-conditions to strengthen its representations in the regions.
The politician also said that ''it can be felt in the air'' that next year's local government elections are nearing. She pointed out that Unity's Riga branch has been able to nominate a Riga mayor candidate who has ''a good chance of achieving positive change in Riga''.
She also emphasized that the party cannot only concentrate on Riga, and must support its party members in the regions.
Aboltina also expressed confidence that Unity has entered Latvian politics to stay.
She also added that it has been over a year since Unity merged into one party, and believes that this merger has been very successful.
As reported, Unity has nominated Sarmite Elerte as its Riga mator candidate.

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