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Security Police wish to ban several radical and paramilitary organizations

Igors Siskins (L). Photo: Edijs Palens.

RIGA, Nov 29 (LETA) - The Security Police is currently gathering materials with the aim of banning several far-right, radical and paramilitary organizations operating in Latvia, Security Police Chief Janis Reiniks told the ''Neatkariga Rita Avize'' newspaper today.

''We are gathering materials to ban several organization,'' Reiniks told the newspaper.

It is likely that one of the organizations that will be banned is the ultra-nationalist ''Gustavs Celmins Center''.

As reported, this past October, the Security Police detained Igors Siskins, a member of the ultra-radical "Thundercross" organization and a head of "Gustavs Celmins Center", previously convicted for bombing the Victory Monument.

It is possible that Siskins was detained for illegal storage of ammunition and a desire to purchase explosives.

Over the past several years, Siskins has been a regular figure in various national radical public events.

Siskins was detained on October 19 and has been in custody since then.


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