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Latvia receives smallest direct payments and pays extra for enforcement of EU regulations

Andris Berzins. Photo: Ieva Čika.
 RIGA, Nov 29 - The European Union needs to have the same rules for all, while at the moment, farmers in Latvia receive the smallest area payments in the EU, plus the country also has to pay for the regulations on the direct payments to be enforced, President Andris Berzins told the LNT morning show "900 sekundes", commenting Latvia's position regarding the direct payments.
According to the president, ordinary farmers will not benefit from the single area payments. Latvia has already succumbed in the struggle for direct payments. All subsidies, especially agricultural subsidies, end up in the pockets of agricultural companies, for example - fertilizer producers, while ordinary farmers do not really receive anything.
Berzins believes that Latvia's can achieve larger direct payments only by convincing and proving the truth to its opponents, "objectively, without brute force or anger".
As reported, on November 23, EU leaders failed to agree on the bloc's next long-term budget.
Latvian farmers were offered EUR 196 (LVL 138) per hectare or approximately 80 percent of the bloc's average level of direct payments by 2020.
Regarding the maximum amount of cohesion funds, Latvia was offered 2.59 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Both proposals are not in the country's interests.
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