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Latvian citizen unscathed in Nanga Parbat terror attack due to lucky coincidence

RIGA, June 25  - The group of mountain climbers that was attacked by Islamic militants at the Diamir Base Camp in Pakistan this past Saturday also included a Latvian citizen, who, fortunately, was not in the hotel when it was attacked, LETA learned from the Foreign Ministry.

"Our maintain climber was not at the camp during the attack. A lucky coincidence. However, it is also a remainder that no one is safe from terrorists," Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (Reform Party) writes in his "Twitter" account.

The Foreign Ministry and Latvia's honorary consul in Pakistan are currently working on returning her back home.

The woman did not suffer in the attack since she did not stay with the group. She is now in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and the Consular Service of the Foreign Ministry, in association with the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Pakistan, will provide her with the necessary consular assistance.
Rinkevics urges all Latvian residents who are leaving the country on a short-term basis to register with the Consular Register so that officers can effectively contact them in crisis situations.

“By registering with the Consular Register, an individual informs us of his or her travel destination so that in case of emergency we would have information on any Latvian nationals present in the crisis-struck region. With the Consular Service notified, we can respond much more effectively and provide assistance. If we lack information about travelers, the process is lengthier and more difficult. The Latvian Foreign Service is doing its best to assistresidents who encounter emergency situations while abroad, and, to make these efforts more effective, cooperation on the part of travelers themselves is required,” says Rinkevics.

On June 23, nine foreign mountain climbers and a Pakistani guide were shot dead at the Diamir Base Camp near the Nanga Parbat mountain in Pakistan. Those killed included one Lithuanian citizen, three Ukrainians, two Slovakians, two Chinese, one Nepalese, a person with dual US-Chinese citizenship.

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