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Dombrovskis' ''Twitter'' account named best amongst Eastern European PMs

 RIGA, Nov 28 - Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis' ''Twitter'' account has been named best amongst Eastern European prime ministers, according to a blogger Phillip Koker, a PhD candidate at the University College in London.

In his blog (http://presidentialactivism.wordpress.com), Koker ranked the ''Twitter'' accounts and activities of Eastern European prime ministers. He created a ranking of tweeting prime ministers that takes into account whether it is a personal/institutional account, activity/frequency of tweets, ''interestingness'' of tweets/whether it is worth following, language of tweets, and other interesting details (if applicable).

Explaining why Dombrovskis tops his rankings, Koker points out that, first of all, he has a personal account on which he actively tweets, which is supplemented by a government account.

''Second of all, Dombrovskis replies to tweets and questions by other users (including reactions to his own tweets) and posts self-taken photos. Furthermore, Dombrovskis' personal account has an impressive followership for a politician who mostly tweets in Latvian surpassing the followership of the Polish PM's account by almost 1,500 followers,'' Koker writes.

''The fact that both Dombrovskis’ personal account and the government account are not the most frequent tweeters in this ranking and do not consistently tweet bilingually has of course not bypassed my attention. Nevertheless, I believe that the quality of the tweets easily compensates for that. So even if you do not follow Latvian affairs too closely, these accounts are worth following nonetheless,'' Koker added.

Polish PM Donald Tusk's ''Twitter'' account is ranked second, while Estonian PM Andrus Ansip's account is ranked sixth.

The Lithuanian PM's ''Twitter'' account was not evaluated, as the country is currently undergoing a change in government.

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