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Latvian government drops support for divided healthcare system

Photo: pixabay.com
When amending Healthcare Financing Law on 14 May, Latvian government supported Healthcare Minister Ilze Viņķele’s offer to not divide healthcare accessibility into two «baskets» of services.

At a meeting of the Cooperation Council, parties forming the ruling coalition in Latvia had supported the minister’s proposal to liquidate the two-basket healthcare system and replace it with a unified healthcare service system.

At the same time, government representatives admit that compulsory healthcare insurance is supportable, but the range of persons subjected to insurance should be expanded.

Because changes to legislation cover not only healthcare policy but also tax payments, a decision was made to add changes simultaneously with reforms in tax administration. Thus it was necessary to amend the law and outline that until 2021 people have the right to receive healthcare services as part of state compulsory health insurance as they did before.

For amendments to come to force, they have to be reviewed and approved by the Saeima.


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