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Earthquake at national media council? Prominent council members steps down

Gunta Līdaka/youtube.com
Gunta Līdaka, a member of Latvia’s National Electronic Mass Media Council responsible for supervision over commercial television industry, has announced her decision to step down, as reported by LTV.

Līdaka said that considering the current situation surrounding the National Electronic Mass Media Council, she finds it impossible to continue working there.

«There is a situation that requires a solution. Unfortunately, to look for a solution, the public media and council are being used as a political tool to settle scores,» said Līdaka.

BNN had previously reported that the National Electronic Mass Media Council has decided to approve Einārs Giels as the new chairman of LTV and Eva Juhņēvičs as an LTV board member. Neither has any experience working in the media sector.

Multiple political parties and Latvian Journalists Association invited National Electronic Mass Media Council to cancel results of the personnel selection process. Giels and Juhņēviča have since decided to step down.

Political of the ruling coalition agreed on Monday to request Saeima’s Legal Affairs Bureau to provide a report on what the parliament could do in relation to the national mass media council and its organized personnel selection process.


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